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Nutrisystem Review

Nutrisystem 1(1)Nutrisystem, one of the most popular dietary programs, has been helping thousands and thousands of people worldwide to lose weight effectively and safely for many years. The dietary provider offers prepackaged meals to its users to their doorstep.

As a member, you can select your specific choice of meals or let the Nutrisystem’s staff to come up with 28-day meals supply. It includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and desserts for 28 days.

Nutrisystem follows the dietary guidelines such as, high fiber and protein, low-glycemic index (good carbs), low fat and sodium, and no trans fats. Nutrisystem offers not only just improved meal choices, but also its taste and quality. Nutrisystem offers various plans for both men and women, such as basic, silver (for senior citizens), vegetarian and diabetic plans.

Nutrisystem Benefits

  • Effective weight loss
  • Great reputation
  • Moderate change in lifestyle
  • Minimum change in your lifestyle
  • Very affordable

Weight Loss Approach

Weight loss offered by Nutrisystem is very simple and it works in just 3 steps.

Step 1: First, you have to select the plan that best suits your present condition. Nutrisystem offers four dietary plans for both men and women as below:

Nutrisystem Basic Plan This is suitable for those who are healthy and want to lose weight.

Nutrisystem Silver Plan This plan is designed specially to meet the nutritional needs of senior individuals who are healthy but just want to lose weight

Nutrisystem Diabetic PlanThis plan is designed especially for those who have been affected with Type 2 Diabetes, and want to lose weight yet control sugar level in their body.

Nutrisystem Vegetarian PlanThis plan is specially developed for vegetarians that wish to lose weight effectively.

Step 2: You should choose from the customized meals choice or let the Nutrisystem send you the prepackaged meals. Weight loss plan from Nutrisystem lets you customize the meal choice completely, and is ideal for those who are picky eaters. Nutrisystem’s Basic and Silver diet plans offer more than 170 meal choices to select from. Its Diabetic plan offers more than 100 meal selections and the Vegetarian plan offers more than 60 meal choices.

Step 3: You will receive your order to your doorstep and start enjoying the healthy, nutritionally well-balanced and calorie-conscious meals that are developed to make you feel complete throughout the day.

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What Does The Nutrisystem Program Include?

Nutrition: Nutrisystem makes sure that their users receive right quantity of good carbs, fiber, vitamins, minerals, proteins, and all other essential nutrients in all its dietary plans. Its diet plans are mainly based on low GI (glycemic index).

Activity: The diet provider recommends its users to follow daily workout regimen for at least 10 minutes along with their diet plan in order to achieve quicker and more effective weight loss results.

Transition: This part of the program lets the users learn to move from weight-loss stage to weight-control stage. At Home Tool Kits from Nutrisystem helps you monitor your portion-control and smart eating habits throughout the program.

Nutrisystem Effectiveness

Weight loss plan offered by Nutrisystem is safe, healthy, and effective. Additionally, many former athletes, celebrities and individuals support Nutrisystem program through their endorsement, testimonials, and reviews.

Weight loss results offered by Nutrisystem range from 2 to 5 lbs per week. However, results vary depending on the dietary commitment and physical activities of the individuals.

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Nutrisystem Support

Nutrisystem offers various support provisions as following:

  • Various support and counseling services
  • Daily weight loss advice
  • Online newsletter
  • Discussion boards
  • Weight loss trackers
  • Mindset Makeover – A 13 week interactive strategy tool that will assist you learn all the essential skills for your weight loss and long-term weight management.
  • Weight and Measurement Log – By entering your measurements on Nutrisystem’s website, you can keep a live record of your weight and measurement logs in your account.
  • Food Diary – You no more have to worry about calorie or points counting. You can track your calorie consumption count just by entering the Nutrisystem entries you have consumed. You can also enter the food items you consumed other than Nutrisystem entries.
  • Exercise Log – You can track your exercise and activity routine with the help of this section.
  • Member chat rooms
  • Exercise plan
  • Smart grocery guide
  • Free e-Classes through live chat
  • Dining out guide

Nutrisystem Cost

Cost varies according to the plan you have chosen. You can buy the Nutrisystem plans either in individual meal packs or subscribe to its monthly package. Nutrisystem also lets you opt for its auto-delivery program through which you receive meals for every 28 days. Whatever Nutrisystem plan you select, the diet plan will hardly cost from $9 to $11 a day.

However, you will be spending little more when you opt for Type-2 Diabetic plan. Unlike most of its competitors who charge extra for shipping the order to your doorstep, Nutrisystem provides the order to your doorstep for free. Visiting its official website is the best way to know the current pricing of the diet plan you want to choose.

Nutrisystem Guarantee

Nutrisystem offers its clients with a 14 day risk free guarantee. So, you can claim for the money back for the unused packages by sending them back in case you are unhappy with its meals for any reason. As a complimentary from the diet provider, you can keep the shakes and fresh-frozen entrees. You will also receive money back for the return shipping too.

Nutrisystem Final Words

Though many people are aware of the Nutrisystem diet program, they are not so familiar with the actual benefits offered through the program. Overall, Nutrisystem is a great weight loss program that can help you lose weight quickly as well as effectively. It has been proven and even documented to offer safe and effective weight loss results.

The program offers its clients with the chef-inspire meals that are healthy as well as nutritionally well balanced. This way, the program has helped tons of people in achieving their weight loss goals effectively.

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